Prolific.   The word could be defined by the life work of Ernesto Emilio Gonzalez - Jerez.

Ernesto lived each moment of his life as an artist, a sculptor, an inventor, an author, poet and philosopher -- a revolutionary -- a visionary.

Perhaps best known for his torch style metal sculpting, Gonzalez, or simply "Ernesto", (as most knew him), was primarily a mid-20th century artist -- an artist in the true sense of the word -- every aspect of his work was art.  

Whether controlling molten metal, or putting pen to paper, each action undertaken by Ernesto. was done so in a practical and pragmatic manner to create his body of work which spans more than half a century.

This website is a tribute to Ernesto, a repository of his works, his ideas and ideals, and is intended to educate, amuse, enlighten and encourage others to cast off doubt and fear, to experiment and create.